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Cases are listed below alphabetically. Click a case name to read the case report.

After each listing the relevant EOR issue number is shown in parentheses eg "(EOR 194)". If the case is covered in the Discrimination Guide, the entry will appear "(DG)". If a case name appears more than once, that means it is dealt with in more than one place, eg in an issue of EOR and in the Discrimination Guide.

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Ibrahim v T Butcher Mastics Ltd  24 May 2004; ET/1100425/04 (EOR 132)
Igbo v Johnson Matthey Chemicals Ltd  [1986] IRLR 215, CA (EOR 8)
Igbo v Johnson, Matthey Chemicals Ltd  [1985] IRLR 189, EAT (EOR 1)
Igen Ltd (formerly Leeds Careers Guidance) and others v Wong; Chamberlin Solicitors and another v Emokpae; Brunel University v Webster  [2005] IRLR 258, CA (EOR 140)
Ingram v Spring Technology Staffing Services Ltd  19 July 2002; ET/1400922/02 (EOR 171)
Innospec Ltd v Walker  EAT, 18 Feb 2014 (EOR 247)
Insitu Cleaning Co Ltd v Heads  [1995] IRLR 4, EAT (EOR 59)
Instant Muscle Ltd v Khawaja  5 Nov 2003, EAT (EOR 128)
Institute of the Motor Industry v Harley  (14 Jan 1992, EAT) (EOR 44)
Instron Ltd v Denny  (7 Jun 1989, EAT) (EOR 27)
Interim Executive Board of X School v HM Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills (EOR 273)
Irving and another v The Post Office  [1987] IRLR 289, CA (EOR 14)
Ishaq v London Borough of Ealing  ET/2200293/13, 25 Nov 2013 (EOR 245)
Iske v P&O European Ferries (Dover) Ltd  [1997] IRLR 401, EAT (EOR 74)
Ivanoff v City West Housing Trust Limited  28 Oct 2009, ET/2402804/08 (EOR 198)

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